The Art & Photography of Catherine Kirkpatrick

Store Bought...

I'm fascinated by old and decaying things like paper garbage and sunflowers, so it wasn't a big leap toward appreciating the beautiful harmony of bones. The structure of life that remains, for a time, after life is gone. But I want to be very clear, I bought this item in a store. He or she came nice and clean in that little glass dome you see. It was hard to choose between several offerings. One had beautiful, fluttering ribs, but I knew I wasn't going to do close ups, so went for the one with the best overall pose. 

After death, it looks quite beautiful; were it alive, I would run for the hills. Terrified of the things, even the smaller variety, the tiny mouse. There is a street in New York, Gold Street, that was at one point the mecca for those studying rats. Hopefully, that has changed, but a few years back, if you walked down it, you would always see a dead rat somewhere, and a book was written about it.