The Art & Design of New York Photographer & Writer Catherine Kirkpatrick

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The Art & Photography of Catherine Kirkpatrick

Morgan Avenue Still Life Series:

These images are from my time in a studio on Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn. The building was old and wonderfully decrepit, with winding corridors and strange cul-de-sacs. There were unique micro environments that seemed to belong to different eco systems: the front stairs where gray-green paint flecked into powder, the basement entrance where trash and gloom gathered, the back stairs covered with scribbles of graffiti and pigeon filth. Occluded windows looked out over a changing neighborhood, and ever present was the fear that gentrification was going to sweep it all away.

Thoughts of time, money and change were never far away. But you have to take a deep breath, settle down and get to work. You take what’s there and give it a push. You look to the past and the future. You try and fail and try some more. One image works, another doesn't, but sparks a new idea. You go on, changing things slightly. You shoot, color correct, and print. Work adds up. Here is some from my time in a studio on Morgan Avenue, a time I remember with great fondness.

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