The Art & Photography of Catherine Kirkpatrick

I am working on an oral history called Voices and Visions: Making Photographs in the Digital Age that seeks to capture the human experience behind the aesthetic and technological change that has swept photography over the past several decades.


Some photographers have embraced a digital workflow, while others have stuck resolutely with film and traditional ways. What lies behind their choices? How have they dealt with accelerating change not only in photography, but the world itself? How have they adapted to evolving tastes? The restructuring of the professional field? What are their challenges and fears as photography becomes ubiquitous and approaches a universal language?


This oral history will seek out art and commercial photographers, as well as professionals in various areas of the field and art world, seeking to capture the human struggle behind disruption and change.


In a world of sound bites, each recording will be a long, unedited record of each participant’s thoughts about the medium, and how they worked and lived. Because photography is visual, about showing, this is a chance for its practitioners to speak in depth about their projects and lives.


The recordings will be housed at the Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library of Emory University.